Monday, December 11, 2006

Net Worth - December 2006 + $63,679.21

I have been tracking my net worth for a while, but I have never seperated it into debt or asset classes. This will be absolutely critical for rebalancing my portfolio.

As of 01 December 2006:

Discretionary Funds NZD 7,271.01
Credit Cards NZD 0.00
Loans NZD 0.00
Mortgage NZD 0.00
Sub Total NZD 7,271.01

Cash NZD 25,632.40
Property Equity NZD 0.00
Forex NZD 15,925.91
Stocks NZD 14,849.90
Sub Total NZD 56,408.20

Total NZD 63,679.21

The only real significance here is that I have no debt. I aim to keep it that way if possible. The only debt I would consider is a mortgage, but even then I would have to think about it quite hard.

I know some would argue this point and I welcome some healthy discussion.

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Su Yin said...

Hi Dan,
I've been searching for a New Zealand PF blog for a long time and yours is the first that ever comes close to fitting that description.

Will be watching if you update more often. :-)

Su Yin

Heyzoos said...

Hi Su Yin,

I like how you qualified that! :) I have been very slack in updating the blog, but now I have a reader (my first!) I will endeavour to keep it going.

Do you have your own blog? Let me know and I will link to it.


Su Yin said...

Hi Dan,
Yep, yes I do.. I haven't been doing much PF stuff with it lately though. ;-)

And I don't make my NetworthIQ profile public, but there's where I found you so I suppose it's only fair that I surrender my username: dnp9529

Su Yin

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